A Step-by-Step Guide to Surrogacy in Bogotá, Colombia for International Intended Parents



Surrogacy is a profound journey of love, hope, and joy that begins with a decision and culminates in the birth of a precious child. For international intended parents considering surrogacy in Bogotá, Colombia, understanding the step-by-step process is crucial to navigating this journey successfully. This guide aims to shed light on every stage of the surrogacy journey, from the initial consultation to post-birth care.

Initial Consultation and Choosing Surrogacy Institute

The first step in your surrogacy journey is choosing a reliable and experienced surrogacy agency. Surrogacy Institute, with our reputation for professionalism and our commitment to the well-being of all parties involved, is a leading choice for international intended parents. The initial consultation involves discussing your particular circumstances, needs, and expectations. This stage is vital as it sets the tone for the entire surrogacy process.

Surrogacy Assessment and Screening

After choosing to proceed with Surrogacy Institute, the next stage involves a comprehensive assessment and screening process. This includes a thorough medical and psychological evaluation of the intended parents, and the selection and screening of potential surrogates. The screening process for surrogates includes medical examinations, psychological evaluations, and background checks.

Legal Consultation

Surrogacy is a process intertwined with legal aspects that need to be thoroughly understood and navigated. The Surrogacy Institute provides legal consultation to ensure that your surrogacy journey complies with the laws of Colombia, and your home country. This process includes drafting and finalizing a surrogacy agreement that outlines the rights, roles, and responsibilities of all parties involved.

Medical Procedures: IVF and Embryo Transfer

The medical part of the surrogacy journey involves assisted reproductive technology procedures like in vitro fertilization (IVF) and embryo transfer. Your fertility clinic in Bogotá will synchronize the menstrual cycles of the surrogate and the intended mother or egg donor, retrieve eggs, fertilize them in a laboratory, and then transfer the embryos into the surrogate's uterus.

Pregnancy and Prenatal Care

After a successful embryo transfer, the surrogate's pregnancy is closely monitored through regular check-ups and ultrasound scans. Prenatal care ensures the health of both the surrogate and the baby, providing an opportunity for early detection of potential health issues, and ensuring that the surrogate maintains a healthy lifestyle throughout the pregnancy.

Birth and Post-Birth Care

Once the surrogate reaches full-term, the birthing process is closely managed by a medical team to ensure a safe and successful birth. After the birth, postnatal care is provided to the surrogate, and the intended parents are able to begin their journey of parenthood.

Legal Parentage and Citizenship Process

Following the birth of the child, the legal process to establish the intended parents' rights and the child's citizenship begins. This process varies based on the laws of the intended parents' home country. Our team at Surrogacy Institute assists you throughout this stage to ensure a smooth transition and that the child's legal rights are secured.


Embarking on a surrogacy journey in Bogotá, Colombia as international intended parents can seem daunting, but with the right guidance and support, it can be a joyous and fulfilling journey. The Surrogacy Institute is committed to providing comprehensive, professional, and compassionate services to ensure your surrogacy journey is a beautiful and memorable experience.

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