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Medical Tourism

Leading Centers for Digestive Health Procedures

Discover the leading centers for digestive health procedures that offer cutting-edge technology, comprehensive care, and state-of-the-art facilities, making them prime destinations in medical tourism. digestive health procedures, medical tourism, leading digestive health centers, international digestive health, cutting-edge digestive treatments

Medical Tourism

Best Hospitals for CyberKnife Radiosurgery in Turkey

CyberKnife Radiosurgery Turkey, Non-invasive treatment, Medical tourism in Turkey, Advanced healthcare technology, Cost-effective healthcare, Skilled medical teams, Precise radiation therapy

Medical Tourism

Una Guía Integral de los Mejores Hospitales para Cirugía Metabólica en la República Dominicana

Explora nuestra guía integral para encontrar los mejores hospitales para cirugía metabólica en la República Dominicana. Aprende sobre el procedimiento, los criterios clave para la selección de hospitales, los riesgos potenciales y por qué la experiencia del paciente es importante. Toma una decisión informada para tu viaje de atención médica. Hospitales para cirugía metabólica en la República Dominicana Criterios para elegir un hospital de cirugía metabólica Procedimiento y riesgos de la cirugía metabólica Importancia de la experiencia del paciente en atención médica Mejores hospitales para cirugía metabólica

Medical Tourism

Top Metabolic Surgery Specialists in Antigua and Barbuda

Explore the top Metabolic Surgery Specialists in Antigua and Barbuda. Gain insights into specialist selection, surgical risks, and the significance of a positive patient experience. Metabolic Surgery Specialists Antigua and Barbuda healthcare Selecting the right specialist Metabolic surgery risks Patient experience in surgery

Medical Tourism

Revelando la Excelencia: Bypass Gástrico Laparoscópico en Honduras

Explora el bypass gástrico laparoscópico en Honduras: información sobre el procedimiento, selección del equipo médico adecuado, comprensión de los riesgos y resultados, y la priorización del viaje del paciente. Toma decisiones informadas. Bypass Gástrico Laparoscópico Honduras Mejores Cirujanos para Cirugía Bariátrica Elección del Cirujano de Bypass Correcto Atención Centrada en el Paciente en el Turismo Médico Información sobre el Procedimiento de Bypass Laparoscópico Riesgos Quirúrgicos y Resultados


Partnering with Colombian Fertility Clinics: Our Collaborative Approach to Surrogacy

Discover the benefits of partnering with reputable Colombian fertility clinics for a successful surrogacy journey. Learn how the collaborative approach between the Surrogacy Institute and these clinics ensures high-quality medical care, expertise in surrogacy, seamless coordination, and a supportive environment. Begin your surrogacy journey with confidence by exploring our partnership with leading fertility clinics in Colombia. Colombian Fertility Clinics, Surrogacy Partnership, Surrogacy Institute, High-Quality Medical Care, Surrogacy Expertise, Seamless Coordination, Supportive Environment, Successful Surrogacy Journey, Collaborative Approach

Patient Experience & Hospitality

Three Key Steps to Building a Great Medical Travel Patient Experience

Patients and health consumers are becoming more self-aware and more conscious of what quality healthcare delivery means. As a result, patients expect a certain level of quality along the care continuum that border on safety, transparency, swift and seamless communications, risk mitigation, and quality of care. If patients perceive a lack of commitment to these expectations, they might consider other destinations or providers to meet their needs.

Positioning your Medical Travel Facilitator Company for Success

In the new era of medical tourism, the role of the medical tourism facilitator is now more important than ever. As more patients seek medical treatments abroad, the medical tourism facilitator is well positioned to support patients find quality options and get them from point A to point B safely and seamlessly. Therefore, understanding best practices in medical travel facilitation is essential to winning more health payers into a market.

Medical Tourism Training

Certified Medical Tourism Professional (CMTP): Bridging the Medical Tourism Training Gap

With the Certified Medical Travel Professional program, become a highly valuable and recognized expert in the industry, providing relevant and exceptional solutions for medical tourists at each touchpoint of the medical travel patient care journey. To register for the CMTP certification, click here.


Cultural Competency and the Medical Travel Patient Experience

As the world becomes smaller and people from different cultural backgrounds connect and transact, there Is a need for medical providers and medical travel businesses to recognize the cultural lines that distinguish people and ensure they remodel their operations to accommodate these differences and boost their patient experience, thereby.


Punta Mita Hospital Disrupts Medical Travel for Fertility and Surrogacy Care

Punta Mita Hospital has positioned itself as a center of excellence for quality and affordable diagnostic and therapeutic fertility services. Fortified with a superb medical tourism package, the Punta Mita Hospital is always at the service of international clients from anywhere in the world, ready to create a wholesome medical travel experience for health seekers from departure to discharge.


New Law to Ban Foreigners from Seeking Indian Surrogacy Options

India, one of the go-to-destinations for foreign childless couples seeking out a surrogate, is banning with a Surrogacy Bill 2016. This regulation has been put in place will end the exploitation of women and to protect the rights of children.


Ethical Issues in Medical Tourism: Placing the Microscope on Surrogacy

The emergence of the business of international surrogacy burst in 2007 when Rudy Rupak began marketing a surrogacy service in India. Rupak was not only the first to send foreign patients to India but also the first to provide surrogacy services to gay couples.


Surrogacy Overseas: Would-be Medical Tourism Parents Left Holding Baby

Americans married, single, straight or gay have bulk of hopeful international parents who have traveled overseas to adopt babies. Surrogacy is not always a safe haven, arrangements are a criminal offense in Hong Kong when anyone makes or receives payment.


Indian Surrogacy Ethics Driving Sustainability

A surrogacy boom has given hope of parenthood for an increasing number of couples from around the world who travel to India. It has become a medical tourism hub because of the availability of advanced technology, healthcare professionals and inexpensive costs.