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Choosing the Right Surrogate in Bogotá: Our Agency's Thorough Screening and Matching Services

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Choosing the right surrogate is a pivotal step in the surrogacy journey. At the Surrogacy Institute, we understand the immense significance of this choice and have meticulously designed our surrogate screening and matching services. This article delves into the various facets of our comprehensive approach, guiding intended parents in Bogotá through the intricate process of selecting a surrogate who aligns with their values and expectations.

Understanding the Importance of the Right Match

Before we delve into the specifics, it’s important to understand why choosing the right surrogate is crucial. The surrogate will be the person who carries your child for nine months and with whom you'll be intimately connected. A strong match ensures a smoother and more harmonious journey for both parties involved.

Initial Assessment of Intended Parents

Our process begins with a thorough assessment of the intended parents. We explore your preferences, values, and expectations. This assessment forms the basis for matching you with a surrogate whose profile aligns with your specifications.

Surrogate Recruitment

At the Surrogacy Institute, we maintain a broad network from which we recruit potential surrogates. We reach out through various channels, including referrals, social media, and community outreach. This allows us to have a diverse pool of candidates, increasing the likelihood of finding the perfect match for each intended parent.

Comprehensive Surrogate Screening

Once potential surrogates are recruited, we commence with our comprehensive screening process. This process is multifaceted and includes several key components:

Medical Screening

The medical health of a surrogate is essential for a successful pregnancy. Our medical screening includes thorough physical examinations and medical history assessments. We ensure that the surrogate is in good health, has had successful pregnancies in the past, and is fit to carry a child to term.

Psychological Screening

Carrying a child for someone else is an emotional journey. Psychological screening helps ensure that the surrogate understands the emotional aspects of surrogacy and is mentally prepared for the process. Through interviews and assessments, we ascertain that the candidate is emotionally stable and has a support system in place.

Background Checks

Ensuring the reliability and integrity of the surrogate is paramount. Background checks are conducted to verify the absence of any criminal record and to ensure that the surrogate has a stable living environment.

Lifestyle Assessment

We assess the lifestyle of the surrogate to ensure that she leads a healthy life. This includes looking at nutrition habits, physical activity, and the absence of substance abuse.

Matching Process

After the screening process, we have a pool of highly-qualified surrogates. Our matching process involves reviewing the assessments of the intended parents and finding a surrogate whose profile closely aligns with the preferences and values identified. We facilitate meetings between the intended parents and the surrogate, ensuring both parties are comfortable with the match.

Legal Agreements and Counseling

Once a match is made, legal agreements are drafted and counseling is provided to both parties. This ensures that all legal aspects are covered and that both the intended parents and surrogate enter the journey with clarity and confidence.


At the Surrogacy Institute, our thorough surrogate screening and matching services are designed to ensure a successful and harmonious surrogacy journey. We understand the importance of matching intended parents with a surrogate who not only meets the highest standards but also aligns with their values and expectations.

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