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Comprehensive Aftercare Support: Helping International Parents Transition Home with Newborns from Medellín

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The journey of surrogacy culminates in the birth of a child, but the responsibility of parenthood continues long after. For international parents who have embarked on surrogacy journeys in Medellín, Colombia, transitioning home with a newborn comes with unique challenges and requirements. The Surrogacy Institute in Medellín understands these challenges and offers comprehensive aftercare support to help international parents smoothly transition home with their newborns.

Legal Documentation and Parental Rights

One of the foremost concerns for international parents is ensuring that all legal documentation is in order and that they are recognized as the legal parents of the child.

Birth Certificates

We help in obtaining the child's birth certificate, ensuring that it reflects the names of the intended parents. This is crucial for establishing parental rights and for future legal processes.

Passports and Visas

We also assist in obtaining passports and visas for the newborn, facilitating international travel. Our legal team works in tandem with relevant embassies and consulates to ensure a seamless process.

Medical Aftercare for the Newborn

Ensuring the newborn's health and well-being is a top priority. We provide guidance on the medical aftercare needed for the newborn.

Pediatric Consultations

We arrange for pediatric consultations to ensure that the child is in good health before travel. These consultations are conducted with reputable pediatricians in Medellín.

Vaccinations and Medical Records

Ensuring that the newborn has received all necessary vaccinations and that parents have a copy of the medical records is crucial. We facilitate this process, working with medical institutions such as InSer – Instituto de Fertilidad Humana and CEFRA - Centro de Fertilidad y Reproducción Asistida.

Emotional Support and Counseling

Transitioning home with a newborn can be an emotional experience for parents. We provide emotional support and counseling to help parents adapt to this new phase of life.

Post-Placement Counseling

Our post-placement counseling services help parents navigate the emotional complexities of parenthood, focusing on bonding with the newborn and adjusting to new routines.

Support Groups

We connect parents with support groups, where they can share experiences and gain insights from others who have gone through similar journeys.

Parenting Education and Resources

Being a new parent can be overwhelming, especially in an international context. We offer parenting education and resources to help parents feel confident in their new roles.

Parenting Workshops

Our parenting workshops cover a range of topics, from newborn care to developmental milestones, and are tailored to the unique needs of parents through surrogacy.

Resource Kits

We provide resource kits that include information on newborn care, health, and development, as well as contacts for support services in the parents' home country.

Travel Assistance

Traveling internationally with a newborn requires meticulous planning. Our travel assistance services ensure that parents are well-prepared for the journey.

Travel Logistics

We help parents coordinate travel logistics, including booking flights and arranging for necessary travel gear for the newborn.

Travel Medical Insurance

Ensuring that the newborn has travel medical insurance is critical. We guide parents through the process of obtaining appropriate insurance coverage.


Transitioning home with a newborn after an international surrogacy journey requires thorough planning and support. The Surrogacy Institute in Medellín offers comprehensive aftercare support to ensure that this transition is smooth and that parents are equipped with the resources and knowledge needed for their new journey as parents.

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