Personal Stories: Intended Parents and Surrogates Share Their Experiences with Surrogacy Agencies


The journey of surrogacy, whether embarked upon as an intended parent or surrogate, is one laden with hopes, fears, triumphs, and challenges. By sharing the personal stories of those who have navigated this pathway, we aim to shed light on the real experiences with surrogacy agencies, thereby providing valuable insights for those considering this journey. Each narrative brings forth unique perspectives, shining a light on the multifaceted nature of the surrogacy process.

The Intended Parents: A Journey of Hope and Fulfillment

Sarah and John’s Experience with Circle Surrogacy

Sarah and John struggled with infertility for years before turning to surrogacy as a way to grow their family. Their experience with Circle Surrogacy was marked by support, professionalism, and eventual joy.

They were drawn to Circle Surrogacy due to its long-standing reputation and comprehensive services. From their first consultation, they were met with empathy and expertise. The agency guided them through the complex processes, from choosing an egg donor to matching with a surrogate.

Their surrogate, Emily, was a blessing to their journey. The agency facilitated an open and transparent relationship between them, fostering mutual respect and understanding. The "Circle Promise" was evident throughout their journey, eventually leading them to the joyful birth of their twins.

Olivia’s Solo Journey with ConceiveAbilities

As a single, career-driven woman, Olivia always knew she wanted to become a parent, even if she hadn't found a life partner. She chose ConceiveAbilities for its "Matching Matters" program, which assured her of a harmonious match with a surrogate.

The agency offered Olivia emotional support, legal guidance, and logistical coordination, making her feel less overwhelmed. The match with her surrogate, Grace, was perfect, embodying the spirit of the "Matching Matters" program. Grace's warmth, coupled with the agency's professionalism, turned Olivia's dream of motherhood into a reality.

The Surrogates: A Journey of Giving and Compassion

Anna’s Surrogacy Experience with Growing Generations

Anna decided to become a surrogate after witnessing her sister's struggle with infertility. Her choice of Growing Generations was influenced by the agency's commitment to inclusivity and the comprehensive surrogate support they offered.

Growing Generations provided a support team and 24/7 access to a surrogacy specialist, ensuring that Anna felt cared for at every step of her journey. The agency also facilitated a respectful relationship with the intended parents, promoting open communication and transparency.

The experience was profoundly fulfilling for Anna. She not only gave the gift of life to a wonderful couple but also felt valued and supported throughout the process.

Lisa’s Journey with Surrogate Solutions

Lisa, a mother of three, chose Surrogate Solutions for its personalized approach to surrogacy and intimate support system. The agency was founded by a former surrogate, an aspect that resonated deeply with Lisa.

The surrogacy journey with Surrogate Solutions was marked by a strong emphasis on emotional support. Lisa felt that her needs and feelings were understood and respected. One-on-one counseling sessions and group support meetings offered her a safe space to express her emotions and navigate any challenges.

Lisa found immense satisfaction in helping another family experience the joys of parenthood. She is grateful for the holistic and transparent approach of Surrogate Solutions that made her journey a rewarding one.

Surrogacy: A Shared Journey of Fulfillment

Surrogacy is a shared journey where intended parents, surrogates, and agencies come together to bring new life into the world. The personal stories shared above reflect the diversity of these experiences and the profound impact of surrogacy on everyone involved. Each journey is distinct, yet all are united by a common thread of compassion, dedication, and the shared joy of creating a new family.

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