Punta Mita Hospital Disrupts Medical Travel for Fertility and Surrogacy Care


As the need for advanced fertility and surrogacy services continue to grow amid rising healthcare costs, many international patients are looking beyond their borders to search for fertility treatment centers that offer top-notch and affordable fertility services. Punta Mita hospital is one of the few specialist centers around the world that delivers this package and more to couples and individuals looking for the best fertility experience. 

Located on a luxurious private peninsula on the north end of the Banderas bay in the Mexican state of Nayarit, Punta Mita Hospital Fertility Center promises a riveting patient care experience that mixes pleasure and relaxation with top-notch fertility services. 

Punta Mita Hospital Fertility Center is led by a team of renowned fertility specialists and medical staff that offer top-of-the-line fertility care and patient care experience. The fertility center boasts some of the most advanced equipment and assisted reproductive techniques on intra-uterine insemination, in-vitro fertilization, and intracytoplasmic insemination. 

The center also boasts of advanced minimally invasive procedures, including laparoscopy and hysteroscopy that ensure women with a wide range of gynecological problems can achieve conception naturally or enhances their chances of conception via assisted reproductive means. Tubal repair surgery, tubal reversal after ligation, and treatments for endometriosis are some of the minimally invasive procedures commonly performed at Punta Mita hospital and fertility center, with high success rates. 

Punta Mita Hospital is also renowned for advanced fertility preservation techniques for egg and sperm freezing for people who plan to postpone parenthood until they are ready. The center prides itself on operating a tog-grade egg and sperm bank on-site to ensure the high quality of donated sperm and eggs for couples or individuals who have been facing challenges trying to achieve conception on their own.

The in-vitro fertilization process at the center leverages an in-built technology, an embryoscope, that uses a powerful imaging processor to monitor an embryo in its first hours of life. This helps the team monitor the process from the point of insemination until the stage at which it can be transferred to the uterus, lowering the failure rates and risks of complications. 

Punta Mita Hospital has well-equipped on-site fertility focused on the latest advances in fertility treatments, with continuous research on fertility treatments and procedures. The lab is not only adequately equipped for egg and sperm donation and transfer processes but stocked with the latest technologies to carry out a pre-implantation genetic diagnosis to help couples rule out genetic disorders in the embryo before implantation. 

The Hospital is renowned for considerable success in novel procedures, such as the PEAKTM Platelet-rich-plasma ovarian rejuvenation system, in which platelet-rich plasma - with or without stem cells - is injected into the ovary to restore the quality of the ovarian reserve. This technique leverages the growth potential of cells within the platelet-rich plasma, which, in turn, helps rejuvenate the ovarian store both quantitatively and qualitatively. 

Punta Mita Hospital Fertility Center has an on-site stem cell lab that is revolutionizing the use of stem cells to treat fertility and other reproductive problems. The team uses fresh mesenchymal stem cells produced with the highest standards of safety and innovative technology to offer a wide range of novel treatments. 

With this wide range of treatment and diagnostic procedures performed on-site, Punta Mita offers personalized fertility services for women with varying fertility concerns and unique health needs. 

Members of the LGBTQ+ community who are planning parenthood through surrogacy are also welcomed to the Punta Mita Hospital. With offerings that ensure a seamless fertilization process through the pregnancy period to obtaining the birth certificate, Punta Mita is a choice spot for couples and intending parents looking to choose surrogacy as an option to have children.

In Punta Mita Hospital Fertility Center, parenthood through surrogacy is legal, safe, and secure, and the intending parents are assured that the child is not biologically related to the surrogate mother but produced using the egg and sperms from the intending parents or jointly selected donors. 

Leading the highly trained team at Punta Mita Hospital is Dr. Sam Najmabadi, M.D, CEO and Founder of the hospital and a board-certified OBGYN with a specialized interest in reproductive and fertility treatments, including IVF and fertility surgeries. 

Dr. Najmabadi, who is also the Medical Director of the Center of Reproductive Health & Gynaecology - a renowned fertility center in Beverly Hills -  records high success rates with various infertility treatments. He remains active in research and has been involved in several major reproductive treatment studies, including hormone therapy, treatment for polycystic ovarian syndrome, and IVF clinical trials.

Dr. Najmabadi works closely with Dr. Jose Luis Rivas Aguilar, the current General Director of Punta Mita Hospital Fertility Center. Dr. Aguilar, certified in OBGYN by the Mexican Council of Gynecology & Obstetrics, has robust experience and training in reproductive biology and genetics. 

The team is responsible for the array of top-quality fertility services at Punta Mita Fertility Center, combining their experiences and exposure to lead a medical staff that is committed to excellence and successful fertility services for thousands of their clients from around the world. 

Punta Mita Hospital no doubt combines world-class fertility services with a wholesome wellness experience, with recreational activities such as boat sport fishing and luxury underwater fishing for an unmatched medical travel experience. 

Punta Mita Hospital has positioned itself as a center of excellence for quality and affordable diagnostic and therapeutic fertility services. Fortified with a superb medical tourism package, the Punta Mita Hospital is always at the service of international clients from anywhere in the world, ready to create a wholesome medical travel experience for health seekers from departure to discharge. 


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