Surrogacy and the media: How popular culture portrays surrogacy


The Intersection of Surrogacy and the Media

Surrogacy, as a practice, has experienced a significant increase in visibility over the past few decades, with much of this visibility coming from the media. Television shows, movies, books, and news outlets have depicted surrogacy in varying lights. The portrayal of surrogacy in popular culture influences public perception and understanding of this complex process.

Depictions of Surrogacy in Film and Television

Film and television have often portrayed surrogacy in dramatic, comedic, or poignant ways. Examples range from sitcoms such as "Friends" and "The New Normal" to dramas like "The Handmaid's Tale." These portrayals often touch on themes of love, family, and sacrifice, and while they do bring attention to the concept of surrogacy, they may not always represent the process accurately.

Comedic representations often play up the potential for awkward situations, while dramas may depict surrogacy as a source of conflict. Although these portrayals can be entertaining, they may also contribute to misconceptions or oversimplified views of surrogacy.

Surrogacy in Literature

Literature also plays a significant role in shaping perceptions of surrogacy. From novels to non-fiction accounts, surrogacy narratives explore the ethical, emotional, and legal complexities involved in this reproductive option. However, just like with film and television, the representation of surrogacy in literature can vary greatly and may not always provide a full or accurate picture of the experience.

Surrogacy in News Media

News media coverage of surrogacy often focuses on high-profile cases, controversies, or breakthroughs in reproductive medicine. While such coverage can educate the public about surrogacy, it can also perpetuate stereotypes or sensationalize aspects of the process.

Positive stories of surrogacy, particularly those involving celebrities, can help normalize the practice. However, without a comprehensive understanding of the complexities involved, people may form an oversimplified or glamorized view of surrogacy.

Impact of Media Portrayals on Public Perception

The portrayal of surrogacy in popular culture can impact public perception and dialogue about this reproductive option. While visibility can lead to increased acceptance, inaccurate or sensationalized portrayals can contribute to misconceptions and stigma.

Striving for Accurate Representations

While media representation has brought surrogacy into mainstream conversations, there is a need for more accurate, balanced portrayals. Such portrayals can help to educate the public, reduce stigma, and support individuals considering surrogacy as an option for building their family.

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