Surrogacy and the workplace: Understanding your rights


Introduction to Surrogacy and the Workplace

As surrogacy becomes a more common path to parenthood, understanding your rights in the workplace is crucial. This article aims to shed light on the employment rights and protections that exist for intended parents and surrogates during the surrogacy process.

Surrogacy and Employment Laws

Employment laws regarding surrogacy can vary widely depending on the jurisdiction, making it vital for anyone involved in a surrogacy arrangement to understand their local laws and workplace policies. Some countries have specific legislation protecting the rights of intended parents and surrogates, while others may not.

Rights of Intended Parents

In some jurisdictions, intended parents have the right to take time off work for fertility treatments, surrogate appointments, and after the birth of their child. Some countries provide statutory parental leave that applies to parents through surrogacy, just as it does for biological parents.

Rights of Surrogates

Surrogates, too, have rights in the workplace. In many places, surrogates have the right to take time off for medical appointments and for recovery after the birth. Pregnancy discrimination laws often protect surrogates from adverse treatment related to their surrogacy pregnancy.

Importance of Legal Counsel

Given the complexity and variation in laws, it's essential for both intended parents and surrogates to seek legal counsel. A lawyer experienced in surrogacy law can help navigate these issues and ensure that your rights are protected.

Conclusion: Surrogacy and the Workplace

Understanding your rights related to surrogacy and the workplace is crucial for both intended parents and surrogates. While laws and policies can vary, having knowledge of your rights is the first step towards ensuring they are respected and upheld.

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