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Surrogacy is a deeply personal and complex journey. To successfully navigate the multifaceted process of surrogacy, from medical procedures to legal considerations and emotional support, it is crucial to engage with a surrogacy agency that maintains the highest professional standards. Surrogacy agencies play a pivotal role in this journey, offering intended parents and surrogates the necessary guidance, support, and services to ensure a successful and fulfilling surrogacy experience.

While the "best" surrogacy agency can differ based on personal circumstances, needs, and preferences, a select few stand out due to their comprehensive services, high success rates, ethical practices, and excellent support systems. This article provides an in-depth review of some of the most respected surrogacy agencies globally.

1. Circle Surrogacy

Founded in 1995, Circle Surrogacy is one of the most established full-service surrogacy agencies. Based in Boston, Massachusetts, the agency has facilitated the birth of more than 2,000 babies for families across the globe. Circle Surrogacy is renowned for its comprehensive surrogacy and egg donation programs, which include an exclusive Circle Journey Protection program offering financial security for intended parents.

Circle Surrogacy has a robust support system for both surrogates and intended parents, ensuring that everyone involved feels heard, supported, and respected. It upholds a strong ethos on open and honest communication, maintaining transparency throughout the surrogacy journey.

2. Growing Generations

Growing Generations is another highly regarded surrogacy agency, providing services for over two decades. Based in Los Angeles, California, this agency has assisted in more than 1,800 births and is particularly well-known for its commitment to serving all types of families, including LGBTQ+ families.

Growing Generations offers a comprehensive range of services, from surrogacy and egg donation to IVF procedures. It also provides a thorough screening process, legal and insurance assistance, and ongoing support for surrogates and intended parents, ensuring a smooth and successful surrogacy journey.

3. ConceiveAbilities

With its headquarters in Chicago, Illinois, ConceiveAbilities has been serving as a surrogacy and egg donation agency for over 25 years. Recognized for its tailored approach, the agency emphasizes creating the best match between surrogates and intended parents.

ConceiveAbilities is committed to maintaining high ethical standards and a supportive environment for everyone involved in the surrogacy process. They offer a range of services including surrogate and egg donor matching, legal and financial coordination, and thorough screening processes.

4. American Surrogacy

American Surrogacy is a smaller agency known for its personalized and hands-on approach. Based in Kansas, the agency provides services across the United States. It has a strong commitment to open communication and building relationships between surrogates and intended parents.

American Surrogacy offers a variety of services including matching services, case management, counseling, and support throughout the surrogacy process. With a team of surrogacy specialists on hand, the agency ensures that each surrogacy journey is handled with care and professionalism.

5. Surrogate Solutions

Based in Texas, Surrogate Solutions is a family-owned and operated surrogacy agency that prides itself on its personal touch and commitment to ensuring a positive experience for both surrogates and intended parents. The agency offers surrogacy consulting, pre-screening of surrogates, matching services, coordination of legal services, and ongoing support throughout the journey.

Surrogate Solutions is known for building strong relationships with its surrogates and intended parents, ensuring that everyone involved feels secure, respected, and cared for during their surrogacy journey.


Choosing the right surrogacy agency is a critical step in the surrogacy journey. The best agency for you will understand your unique needs and circumstances, providing you with the necessary support, resources, and guidance every step of the way.

While the aforementioned agencies are among the best in the field, it is important to conduct your own research and consider factors such as the agency's reputation, success rates, cost structure, services offered, and the support system they provide.

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