The Best Surrogacy Insurance Companies



Surrogacy is a complex journey involving various medical and legal aspects. One critical component of this process is obtaining appropriate insurance coverage for the surrogate. Surrogacy insurance ensures that the financial aspects of medical care for the surrogate mother are adequately covered. This includes prenatal care, delivery, and any potential medical complications arising from the pregnancy.

It's crucial to work with insurance companies that understand the intricacies of surrogacy and offer comprehensive coverage tailored to this unique situation. Here are some of the best surrogacy insurance companies, recognized for their expertise, excellent coverage, and commitment to providing the best services to intended parents and surrogates.

1. ART Risk Financial and Insurance Solutions, Inc.

ART Risk Financial and Insurance Solutions specializes in insurance solutions for all aspects of assisted reproductive technology, including surrogacy. They offer various insurance products tailored specifically to the needs of intended parents and surrogates. With deep knowledge in the field of surrogacy and insurance, they provide comprehensive coverage and excellent customer service, ensuring that all parties are adequately protected throughout the surrogacy journey.

2. New Life Insurance

New Life Insurance is another company specializing in insurance for fertility treatments and surrogacy. They offer insurance products designed to protect intended parents from financial risks associated with surrogacy, including coverage for complications of pregnancy, delivery, and post-delivery. Their extensive experience in surrogacy insurance makes them a trusted choice for many undertaking the surrogacy journey.

3. Universal Family Insurance

Universal Family Insurance offers surrogacy insurance policies designed specifically to cover the surrogate's pregnancy-related medical costs. Their insurance products are built to ensure that surrogates and intended parents are shielded from potential financial burdens associated with medical care during the surrogacy process.

4. Surro-Insurance

Surro-Insurance is dedicated to providing customized insurance solutions for surrogacy. They understand the unique insurance needs associated with surrogacy and offer a range of products that provide coverage for every stage of the journey. Their commitment to providing comprehensive coverage and personalized customer service makes them a popular choice among those pursuing surrogacy.

5. Circle Surrogacy Insurance

Circle Surrogacy, one of the leading full-service surrogacy agencies, also offers surrogacy insurance services. Their insurance services are designed to protect both the surrogate and intended parents from unforeseen medical expenses during the surrogacy journey. Circle Surrogacy's insurance offerings are backed by their decades of experience in the field, providing clients with peace of mind and financial security.


Obtaining the right insurance coverage is a vital part of the surrogacy process. The best surrogacy insurance company for you will offer comprehensive coverage tailored to your unique needs, backed by expertise in surrogacy and insurance.

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