The Emotional Journey of Surrogacy: Support and Resources for LGBTQ+ Intended Parents in Argentina



The journey towards becoming parents through surrogacy can be an emotional roller coaster for LGBTQ+ intended parents. Argentina, with its progressive laws and attitudes towards the LGBTQ+ community, is a desirable destination for such a journey. This article explores the emotional aspects of surrogacy and highlights the support and resources available for LGBTQ+ intended parents in Argentina.

Understanding the Emotional Aspect of Surrogacy

Surrogacy involves not only a physical journey but also an emotional one. Anticipation, joy, fear, and uncertainty are common feelings experienced by intended parents. Understanding and preparing for these emotions can help create a smoother journey.

The Emotional Impact of Choosing Surrogacy

The decision to pursue surrogacy can bring mixed emotions. Feelings of relief and excitement may be accompanied by concerns about the process. Counseling and support can help manage these feelings.

Emotional Challenges During the Matching Process

Finding a suitable surrogate is a critical step. The matching process can be emotionally challenging as it brings realities to the forefront, making the surrogacy journey more tangible. Emotional support and guidance during this stage are vital.

Coping with the Emotional Stresses of the IVF Process

The medical procedures involved in surrogacy, such as IVF, can be stressful. The uncertainty associated with these procedures can bring feelings of anxiety and tension. Access to psychological support can help manage these stresses.

The Emotional Roller Coaster of the Pregnancy

The pregnancy phase can be an emotional high point for intended parents, filled with anticipation and excitement. However, it can also bring anxieties about the health of the surrogate and the unborn child. Emotional support during this period is crucial.

Preparing for Parenthood

As intended parents prepare to welcome their child, they may experience a whirlwind of emotions, from joy to fear about their readiness as parents. Parenting classes and support groups can help manage these feelings.

Dealing with Potential Setbacks

Setbacks such as unsuccessful IVF attempts or pregnancy complications can bring feelings of disappointment and sadness. Access to psychological support can help intended parents cope with these setbacks.

Navigating the Post-Birth Period

The post-birth period brings a new set of emotions, from relief and joy to potential postpartum mood changes. Having a support network in place can help manage these emotions.

Building a Support Network

A strong support network is vital in the surrogacy journey. Connecting with others who have gone through or are going through a similar journey can provide mutual support and understanding. Online platforms, social media groups, and local support groups can be beneficial.

Utilizing Professional Support Services

Professional support services, such as those offered by surrogacy agencies and counseling centers, can provide valuable emotional support throughout the surrogacy journey. These services can include individual counseling, group therapy, and stress management workshops.


The emotional journey of surrogacy can be complex and intense for LGBTQ+ intended parents. However, with the right emotional support and resources, it can be managed effectively, making the path to parenthood more fulfilling.

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