The Role of Personal Values and Philosophy in Your Surrogacy Agency Decision



When embarking on a surrogacy journey, it is essential to align your personal values and philosophy with the surrogacy agency you choose. Your values and beliefs shape your preferences, expectations, and the overall experience you seek during this meaningful process. This article explores the role of personal values and philosophy in your surrogacy agency decision, helping you make an informed choice that resonates with your core principles.

Understanding Personal Values and Philosophy

Before diving into the specifics of how personal values and philosophy influence your surrogacy agency decision, let's define these terms:

Personal Values

Personal values are deeply held beliefs and principles that guide your actions, choices, and judgments. They reflect what you consider important, ethical, and morally right. Personal values can encompass various aspects, such as family, health, integrity, compassion, and respect for autonomy.

Personal Philosophy

Personal philosophy refers to the broader framework of ideas, principles, and perspectives that shape your worldview. It encompasses your beliefs about the nature of reality, human nature, purpose in life, and the role of ethics. Personal philosophy influences how you navigate and make decisions in different areas of life, including surrogacy.

Identifying Your Personal Values in Surrogacy

Surrogacy is a deeply personal and emotional journey, and aligning your personal values with the surrogacy agency you choose is crucial. Consider the following factors when identifying your personal values in the context of surrogacy:

Reproductive Autonomy and Choice

Consider your beliefs regarding reproductive autonomy and the right to make decisions about family-building. Reflect on your views on assisted reproductive technologies, surrogacy as a valid option, and the rights of individuals to choose their preferred path to parenthood.

Emotional Connection and Support

Think about the level of emotional connection and support you desire during the surrogacy process. Some individuals value a close and personal relationship with their surrogate, while others prefer a more professional and transactional approach. Consider how important emotional support is to you and how you envision the relationship with your surrogate.

Ethics and Fair Treatment

Examine your values regarding ethics and fair treatment in the surrogacy journey. Consider your stance on issues such as fair compensation for surrogates, ensuring their well-being and autonomy, and the ethical considerations of the surrogacy process.

Cultural and Diversity Considerations

Reflect on your beliefs about cultural and diversity considerations. Consider how important it is for you to work with a surrogacy agency that respects and accommodates diverse backgrounds, cultures, and beliefs. Think about how cultural sensitivity and inclusivity align with your personal values.

Evaluating Surrogacy Agencies Based on Personal Values

Once you have identified your personal values, it's important to evaluate surrogacy agencies based on how well they align with your principles. Consider the following factors when assessing agencies:

Mission and Values of the Agency

Review the mission statement and values of each surrogacy agency. Look for agencies that explicitly state a commitment to values that align with your own. This demonstrates their dedication to supporting individuals with similar beliefs and principles.

Approach to Surrogacy

Examine how the agency approaches surrogacy and whether their philosophy aligns with your own. Consider their views on reproductive autonomy, emotional support, ethical considerations, and cultural sensitivity. Assess whether their approach resonates with your personal values.

Surrogate Screening and Support

Evaluate how the agency selects and supports surrogates. Consider whether they prioritize the well-being, autonomy, and fair treatment of surrogates. Look for agencies that conduct comprehensive screenings, provide ongoing support, and prioritize the surrogate's emotional and physical health.

Open and Transparent Communication

Assess the agency's communication practices. Look for agencies that foster open and transparent communication, actively listen to your concerns and preferences, and encourage dialogue throughout the surrogacy process. Clear and honest communication ensures a positive and trusting relationship with the agency.

Reputation and Feedback

Research the agency's reputation and seek feedback from previous clients. Explore online reviews, testimonials, and references. Consider the experiences of others who share similar values and philosophies to gain insights into how well the agency aligns with your personal values.


The role of personal values and philosophy in choosing a surrogacy agency is significant. Aligning your beliefs, principles, and preferences with the agency's approach, values, and support systems will help create a positive and fulfilling surrogacy journey. Take the time to identify your personal values, evaluate surrogacy agencies based on these values, and make an informed decision that resonates with your core principles.

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