The role of the surrogate's partner during the surrogacy process


Introduction to the Surrogate's Partner's Role

The surrogacy journey is a collaborative effort involving the intended parents, the surrogate, medical professionals, and often, the surrogate's partner. The role of a surrogate's partner is sometimes overlooked, but their involvement can significantly contribute to the success and smoothness of the surrogacy process. This article will explore the critical role that a surrogate's partner plays during surrogacy.

Emotional Support

Perhaps the most critical role of a surrogate's partner is providing emotional support throughout the journey. Surrogacy can be an emotional roller coaster, filled with joy, anxiety, and physical discomfort. The surrogate's partner plays an invaluable role in providing reassurance, comfort, and stability during this intense period.

Attending Appointments

Surrogacy involves numerous medical appointments, from initial screenings and embryo transfer procedures to prenatal check-ups. The surrogate's partner can accompany the surrogate to these appointments, providing support and companionship. They can also help remember critical information shared during these visits.

Assisting with Daily Activities

Pregnancy can be physically demanding and challenging. The surrogate's partner can assist with everyday tasks, particularly as the pregnancy progresses and certain activities become more difficult. This support can include helping with household chores, childcare, or other daily tasks.

Communicating with Intended Parents and Surrogacy Professionals

The surrogate's partner can serve as a secondary point of contact for the intended parents and surrogacy professionals. This can help to ensure clear communication and mutual understanding between all parties, particularly during emotionally charged or stressful periods.


A surrogate's partner can also be an advocate for the surrogate, helping to express her needs and concerns to medical professionals, the intended parents, or the surrogacy agency. They can also assist in understanding legal documents and agreements, ensuring that the surrogate's interests are well represented.

Conclusion: A Vital Part of the Surrogacy Journey

The role of the surrogate's partner in the surrogacy process is vital. Their support, companionship, assistance, and advocacy can significantly contribute to the surrogate's wellbeing and the overall success of the surrogacy journey.

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