What to Expect During Your Initial Surrogacy Agency Consultation



The initial consultation with a surrogacy agency is a crucial step in your surrogacy journey. It provides an opportunity for you to gather information, ask questions, and assess whether the agency is the right fit for your needs. This comprehensive guide explores what to expect during your initial surrogacy agency consultation and helps you make the most of this important meeting.

Understanding the Purpose of the Initial Consultation

This section explains the purpose of the initial consultation and its significance in the surrogacy process. It discusses how the consultation serves as a platform for you to learn about the agency, understand their services, and discuss your surrogacy goals and expectations.

Gathering Information about the Surrogacy Agency

Before the consultation, it is essential to gather information about the surrogacy agency. This section outlines the steps to research and collect pertinent details about the agency, such as their experience, success rates, services offered, and any additional factors you find important.

Preparing Questions and Concerns

To make the most of your consultation, it is important to come prepared with a list of questions and concerns. This section provides guidance on formulating relevant questions that cover topics such as agency policies, the surrogacy process, legal and financial aspects, and support services. It emphasizes the importance of addressing any concerns or doubts you may have.

Discussion of Your Surrogacy Goals and Expectations

During the consultation, you will have the opportunity to discuss your surrogacy goals and expectations with the agency. This section highlights the importance of openly sharing your preferences, values, and any specific requirements you may have. It encourages a collaborative discussion to ensure that the agency understands your unique needs and can provide tailored guidance.

Overview of the Surrogacy Process

The surrogacy process can be complex, and the consultation is an ideal time to gain a comprehensive understanding of the steps involved. This section provides an overview of the surrogacy process, including the medical procedures, legal considerations, matching and screening, and ongoing support. It allows you to have a clear understanding of what to expect at each stage.

Explanation of Agency Services and Support

The agency will discuss their services and support options during the consultation. This section explores the different services that may be offered, such as surrogate screening, matching, legal guidance, medical coordination, and emotional support. It emphasizes the importance of selecting an agency that provides comprehensive support throughout your surrogacy journey.

Review of Legal and Financial Considerations

Legal and financial aspects are essential components of the surrogacy process. This section highlights the importance of discussing these considerations during the consultation. It covers topics such as surrogacy contracts, parental rights, insurance coverage, and financial obligations. It encourages open communication and a clear understanding of the legal and financial aspects involved.

Evaluation of Agency Experience and Expertise

The consultation allows you to evaluate the agency's experience and expertise in the field of surrogacy. This section discusses the key indicators to consider, such as the agency's track record, the qualifications of their team, their network of professionals, and any relevant certifications or accreditations. It emphasizes the significance of selecting an agency with a proven track record of successful surrogacy journeys.

Clarification of Agency Policies and Procedures

Understanding the agency's policies and procedures is crucial to ensure a smooth and transparent surrogacy journey. This section explores the importance of discussing agency policies, including surrogate compensation, legal requirements, communication protocols, and other guidelines. It encourages open dialogue to clarify any aspects that may affect your decision-making process.

Assessing Personal Compatibility and Rapport

During the consultation, it is important to assess your personal compatibility and rapport with the agency's team. This section emphasizes the significance of trust, communication, and a positive working relationship. It encourages open and honest discussions to ensure that you feel comfortable and supported throughout your surrogacy journey.


The initial surrogacy agency consultation sets the foundation for a successful surrogacy journey. By understanding the purpose of the consultation, gathering information, preparing questions, discussing your goals and expectations, and evaluating agency services and expertise, you can make an informed decision. The Surrogacy Institute is dedicated to providing comprehensive support and guidance throughout your surrogacy journey.

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